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  We are your purchase     to delivery logistics            company

We know the rules and requirments that amazon requires for proper packaging and shipping.  We follow the guide lines and take extra care to make sure your product arrives safe, professional and ready for your customer.  


Whether you are our neighbor, or our overseas partner, we focus on what your individual want is for your business. Attention to every detail,Quick turn around, and simple billing.

    Specialty Handling

We work fast and efficiently to get your product processed and shipped out with in 24-72 hours.  The faster it gets to the sales point the faster you make money.



Montana Logistics Pro provides fast, efficient prep service for amazon sellers who are ready to move their business to the next level.  Spend your time building your business and let us handle the logistics.  We specialize in OA, RO, wholesale, private labels and books. Send your orders to our address and we will take care of the FBA prepping, packing and shipping to Amazon for you.








***Know your pricing before you send us your product.

***No surprise Fees


***Volume Pricing

***Items may be stored for the first two weeks for free.  After two weeks the items may be stored for a fee. Contact us for storage plan and fees.

***If items are left for 60 days with no storage fee paid, they will be deemed abandoned and we reserve the right to remove and discard items as we see fit to open space for active clients.





Included in your price


Product Inspection

Damage: If the product is                   damaged, we will document it                with pictures and email you.                   We will take care of the                         item per your request.

FNSKU Labeling



Cover the barcode

Price Tag Removal


Bubble Wrap

Suffocation Warning Labels


Product securing, taping,                       Inserts, Etc.

Shipping Label

Sticker removal

Expiration Labels


1-500           $1.65


501-1000     $1.50

1001-2000   $1.35


2001-5000    $1.20


5001-10,000  $1.00

Over 10,000 please contact us 

Additional Fees:

Returns: $1.00 (In addition to                  standard per item fee)


Bundling: We will bundle up to 5            items $.50

over 5 items  $.15 per item

Sold as sets labels $.15

Boxes: We strive to reuse and                recycle boxes as much as possible.


If your product needs a special or          oversized box that we can not fit, there will be a fee and we will contact

you with a price.


$2.50 a piece (Includes receiving, grading/inspection, FNSKU                   Labeling)


$1.00 Excessive sticker removal

$3.50 Shoe Box replacement


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-406-781-1759 or fill out the following form

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